This is a story for anyone who's ever found their attention stolen by the seawater.

The Age of AquariusEdit

Feel the water open in

With Princess Glasse washing up on a beach, miles from home, thus began the Age of Aquarius, Chapter One, Projekt Dream.

Alexander returns from a fishing trip to find the unconscious and battered form of Glasse sprawled on the beach near his house.
Alexander nurses Glasse to health.
Glasse disappears into the sea.
Alexander loses himself in a personal mission to find her, gradually losing contact with the outside world. Scouring the ocean with homemade diving apparatuses, he obsessively completes topographical maps, literally leaving no stone unturned.
Alexander discovers the Chihuo Kingdom.

The Age of FablesEdit

See a second sun

With the death of Alexander Divine, his body hurtling into the ocean, thus began the Age of Fables, Chapter Two, Projekt Dream.

The Age of InnocenceEdit

You're treading water successfully

With the birth of the Goddess, her brilliance scouring the sky, thus began the Age of Innocence, Chapter Three, Projekt Dream.

The Age of AngerEdit

She knew that her life had passed her by

With centuries of loneliness and resentment eating her from the inside, the Goddess lowers malevolent eyes to the earth, marking the Age of Anger, Chapter Four, Projekt Dream.

The Age of the SunEdit

Anti-Gravity Love Song

With the return of her God, the Goddess comes to rest, lifting her cruelty from the earth, marking the Age of the Sun and the final days of man.

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