I'mma kill you.
Age: 57
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 181 lbs.
Birthplace: Auberdine
Appears in: World of Warcraft
Class: Rogue
Level: 40

Brigandine Stoutlager is the daughter of Flidais Greymantle, who forgot her ladylike reserve at a crucial juncture and fancied herself a fling with the proprietor of the Stoutlager Inn.

An only child, Brigandine grew up in the misty eaves of Auberdine, attached at the hip to a bear later discovered to be a Druidess known as Talxochitl. She and Tal whiled away many a season in that perpetually moonlit vale, but alas, Brigandine felt her heart pulling her elsewhere. Dissatisfied with her situation, she abruptly gave in to wanderlust, leaving without so much as a farewell. Her sweetheart coped by spending days morphed into the likeness of a bear, but days melded into weeks and then months as they are wont to do, and before long Tal had bigger things on her mind, like remembering where she lived, or how to pull her head out of the river if she began to drown while catching fish.

Meanwhile, Brigandine had taken a ship east, where, after crossing the perilous Wetlands, she found herself in Dun Morogh and, strangely, at home. She never did find her father, but what she did find was an agreeable contrast between warm homes and icy wilderness, endless alcohol, and a booty-shakin' Draenei named Brighde.

Being mischievous and flighty, Brigandine is the group's Rogue, capable of taking anything you give her and using it as a lethal weapon. She says very little but nevertheless acts as a persuader of sorts--a figure to stand in the corner and threaten with a knife if the proceedings don't go as planned. Although quick on her feet and extremely efficient, Brigandine is not burdened with an overabundance of education, and tends to muck up the situation with spurts of enthusiastic incompetence or adorableness.

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